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Wok vegetables and oat


More than 60% of vegetables

OAT: Pliny the Elder already praised its qualities, it is today revalued because of all its numerous nutritional properties and good taste

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Tajine with vegetables


More than 80% of vegetables

COUS COUS: The charm of the Mediterranean for the ingredient symbol of the Middle Eastern conviviality, toda y star of the international cuisine

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Vegetable curry with basmati rice


Low fat

BASMATI RICE: The Basmati variety, “queen of fragrance”, enchants with its envelo ping aroma and the elegance of long and ta pered grains

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Tuscan soup


Source of vegetable protein, low fat, source of fibre

SPELT: Cereal from the past ages , loved by the ancient Romans, come to us toda y with its intact heritage of authentic taste and nutrients

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Black cabbage soup


High Fibre

BLACK CABBAGE: Black Cabbage , of the fa mily of Cruciferous as cauliflo wers and broccoli, is an ingredient typical of the Tuscan cuisine, suitable for the preparation of autumnal recipes like stews and soups.

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Cauliflower and green beans soup


Source of fibre

CAULIFLOWER: On the Italian tables since the Ancient Romans times, cauliflower is a winter vegetable of the fa mily of Cruciferous


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Lentils and pumpkin soup


Source of vegetable protein

LENTILS: Symbol of fortune and wealth , since the antiquity they are reserve of strength and indispensable nutritional source for many people

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